About us

868loans.com is the online brand owned by Bayshore Finance (T&T) Ltd through which we provide access to our innovative loan services.

Bayshore Finance(T&T) Ltd is a Trinidad based limited liability company and is a licensed money lender in Trinidad and Tobago in accordance with the provisions of the Moneylenders Act Chapter 84:04.

Bayshore Finance provides individuals with access to smart financial credit solutions that are centered around internationally recognized Client Protection Principles. The adoption of these Client Protection Principles ensures that our financial credit Solutions are smart, fully transparent in the pricing and in the terms and conditions.

Smart credit solutions means that we provide convenient access to our our products and services. We believe that we must provide access and customer service when it is convenient for our customers.

Smart credit solutions means that we are fully transparent in the pricing, terms and conditions of all our loan products. There are no hidden fees, costly rollovers and or vague terms and conditions.

Smart credit solutions means that we work with clients to ensure that they do not borrow more money than they can repay or use products that they do not need.

Smart credit solutions means that we employ respectful collection practices and we adopt high ethical standards in the treatment of our clients.

Smart credit solutions means that we invest in educating our clients about borrowing smartly, borrowing strategically, with the ultimate objective of improving their credit score. The better the credit record, the lower the cost of borrowing.

Smart credit solutions means that we ensure that client data remains private.

At Bayshore Finance, we believe that when our clients succeed financially, we succeed financially.


To improve the financial well-being of our customers by providing them with alternative credit solutions that improves their lives and does not place them in a perpetual debt cycle.

  • Specific financial solutions for
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  • Agree to and that are
  • Realistic, reasonable,
  • Transparent and timely

At Bayshore Finance, we believe that when our clients succeed financially, we succeed financially

868loans.com Financial Tip


The decision to borrow money is a major decision that an individual should think long and hard about before making the decision to borrow. Different financial needs will require different borrowing strategies.

Here are some simple tips to follow:

  1. Look around you for the cheapest form of debt if you find yourself facing a financial emergency... Borrow from trusted friends and family. MAKE SURE YOU PAY THEM BACK or you will destroy the relationship.

  2. If you don’t ask you may not get – Don’t be afraid to ask for credit or payment terms... you might be surprised.

  3. Shop around for the best rates and terms. If you can help it, avoid getting into long-term loan arrangements, which are longer than 12 months. Bite the bullet and try and payback the loan as quickly as possible. Its not a mortgage. Paying back a $5,000 loan over 3 years Is not good debt management.

  4. Try and payout one loan before taking out a new loan.

  5. Make sure you know how you will service the loan. Identify the cash source that you will use to service the loan. Making assumptions based on hope (I’m sure I can take on an extra job over the weekend) or ignoring the issue blatantly (I’ll somehow manage) is plainly put, a bad idea.