Are you an Employer?

As an employer, are you faced with an increasing number of requests from your employees for staff loans? How do you meet these request for financial assistance whilst, at the same time, preserving your cash flow? As a responsible employer, how do you introduce a formal loan facility for your employees that is fair, transparent and objective.

At Bayshore Finance (T&T) Ltd, we focus on improving the financial well-being of your employees. We focus on reducing the true cost of borrowing for your employees. Our interest rates are designed to compete with the interest rates charged on credit cards taking into account the individual’s personal financial situation.

We partner with you, the employer, to offer your employees easy and quick access to credit repaid directly from their salaries at NO COST or RISK TO YOU.


Our Client Account specialist works with your HR and payroll department to ensure that the process is as easy and seamless as possible so that your employees can benefit from fair rates. Our loan products are designed around affordability. We DO NOT lend to employees without taking into account what additional debt they can comfortably take on. We work with each and every borrower to ensure that they are getting the right loan solution.


We work with you to communicate to your employees the advantages, the rates, easy terms and conditions – No fees, no add-on, etc. A client account specialist is assigned to your account so that any concerns or issues that your employees may have are addressed immediately.


Once an employee application is approved, the loan repayments are collected via salary deduction which will result in reduced risk and better rates for your employees.

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